CR-One Regulatory Report System Module

CR-ONE has become a reliable platform which could fulfil the needs of financial institutions with various digital solution across Financial, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Antasena Report

Indonesian regulatory report from Bank Indonesia include LBBU/S, LKPBU, LBU/S, and LHBU

LLD Report

CR One LLD module can provide Reporting on Foreign Exchange Activities by Banks to be complete, accurate, effective and timely in carrying out reporting of Foreign Exchange Activities to Bank Indonesia.

SLIK Report

CR-One accommodate the needs of SLIK report submission that perform various reporting functions (initial & routine), send data, open file errors resulting from SLIK server validation, open Master Data files received from OJK


CR-One Regulatory Reporting

Specifically built to make your job easier in complying with Regulatory Reporting

Web-based Application

Deploy once, access anywhere
Less administrator maintenance

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Log user activity
Log data changes

Easy Manual Adjustment

Support last minute report correction

Dual Control Mechanism

Authorization to ensure report correctness

Advanced User Managemen

Support multi-user and multi-branch
Flexible user authority and privilege to report forms and branches

Various Report Output

Support reporting in text file, XML, and XBRL format depending on the requirement of regulatory
Innovation, Technology and Continuous Improvement
Make Life Easier
Create report as simple as you update story. Go automatically and Minimize complex, energy-draining manual report preparation
Reliable Validation
provides validation engine to comply with Regulatory Reporting validation rules and can be combined with customizable institution specific validation rules
Faster Preparation
Submit Regulatory Reports on time and keep up with tight submission dateline. With just 3 easy steps to create a report that focuses on results that are appropriate, professional and high quality
Saving Your Dollars
Invest money in developing business rather than wasting it for paying penalties
Works More Efficient
Spend more time in analyzing and reviewing instead of manual and tedious collection of data for preparing reports

Why CR-One?

CR-ONE has become a reliable platform which could fulfil the needs of financial institutions with efficient and effective features to prepare the reports

Support and passed pilot testing from OJK

Expertise and focused



Easy to Use and Reliable


Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

The Efficient and Fast Solution For Your Regulatory Reporting

Aristi understands the above challenges faced by financial institutions. CR-One Regulatory Reporting, one of Aristi’s products, is specifically built to make your job easier in complying with Regulatory Reporting.

What Differentiates Aristi's Solutions

The first task of this specialist is to consult about go-to technologies and clarify all the perspectives.


Experience of cooperation with many businesses of different sizes and spheres

Powerful integrations

Seamless integration with any legacy or 3rd-party system. Easy adoption of new tech thanks to API-led, modular architecture.


Customized based on the company’s goals and technical project expectations

Speed to Market

Quick implementation with fast positive ROI. Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment

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