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Flexibility structure Chart of Accounts
Flexibility to give numbering in accordance with many numbers chart of accounts that needs to be setup
Transaction Code
Defines the types of transaction codes that can be made in accordance with the necessary transactions for all activities of financial transactions
Cost Center & Budgeting
Equipped with cost center structure that allows for allocation or distribution of cost center into a department that receives allocation of transactions, and equipped with a set of planning tools for budgeting the financial statement items
Web-Based Flexible Architecture
The users only need a web browser to access the application without additional installation of other applications. Overall the logical architecture is a 3-tier architecture consisting of database, application, and Web Interface. This component can be used on a single hardware or a separate piece of hardware to ensure scalability, depending on client needs.
Efficient Parallel Processing
The system was developed to take advantage of multi threaded architecture so that processes like End of Day can be expedited
Multiple Dimension Of GL Analysis
CR-One Financial System supports multiple dimensions providing flexibility to record financial transactions based on the desired dimensions. The user can view data from various points according to user needs.
Flexible Integration
The system can be integrated into various systems, either online or real-time as well as batch processing. This makes the users easy to integrate CR-One Financial System with another existing system. CR-One Financial system also provides the needed functionality to export or import data.
Customizable Dashboard And Reporting
CR-One Financial System is a system that is equipped with an integrated report generation facility both scheduled and ad-hoc, and facilitates the user to understand financial data enterprise. It is also equipped with a dashboard to facilitate the management to monitor and analyze financial data.
Role-Based Multi User Security
The systems supporting multiple users and access will be governed by the specific role. The application can be configured to give individual user a specific role based on his needs to use the application. Permissions for each user can be set up easily and connected to LDAP. In addition, access control can be set to individual reports.
Comprehensive Process Logs And Audit Trail
All Activities in the process will be recorded in the log system. The log can track data if there is a problem through the transactions logged in the log system and audit trail process. Workflow process logs will be provided for each calculation. There is information about all modifications done, like when the data was modified, and who did the modification.

Why CR-One?

CR-ONE has become a reliable platform which could fulfil the needs of financial institutions with efficient and effective features to prepare the reports

Support and passed pilot testing from OJK

Expertise and focused




Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

The Efficient and Fast Solution For Your Regulatory Reporting

Aristi understands the above challenges faced by financial institutions. CR-One Regulatory Reporting, one of Aristi’s products, is specifically built to make your job easier in complying with Regulatory Reporting.

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Seamless integration with any legacy or 3rd-party system. Easy adoption of new tech thanks to API-led, modular architecture.


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Quick implementation with fast positive ROI. Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment

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